Life is not Fair
by Corey Wells
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Believe it or not…life is not fair. Occasionally the bad guy wins, people do play favorites, some good people die young, some people will let you down and not everyone is honest. While we can accept this, it shouldn’t stop us from dreaming big, working hard and doing what is right.

Sometimes it’s who you know and not what you know that matters. It won’t matter that you are the better qualified or the obvious choice. Some will always select people who they personally like better than you. Others who you rely on will let you down. The is especially hard to accept if you are someone who always keeps their word and does what is right. If you’re like that, you automatically think others should too. We could have all saved ourselves a lot of emotional stress if we’d have known all this before we venture out into the real world.

If we’d have learned the way the world worked a young age, we’d have never invested so much in the opinions others have about us. We’d have realized that it’s simply not advantageous to always try to please others. However, it’s still important to keep in mind that life is worth living. The secret is to always keep an optimistic outlook. You simply have to learn how to deal with the negative while seeking out the positive. Once you’ve learned this lesson, you will have the ability to still go out and enjoy a full and rewarding existence no matter how unfair life treats you.

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19 Responses to “Life is not Fair”

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  3. life is not fair–GOD is! — witch have you put your trust in?

  4. pardeep says:

    * what type of way you choose

  5. pardeep says:

    we need a source to run our life

    so life is depand on you ,,what type of way choose

  6. Aaryan says:

    Life Sucks!

  7. Celia Mostert says:

    Life is not fair and it does hurt but like you say…you must learn to make peace and move on…

  8. George Martinez says:

    So glad I read this. Made me feel better after a rough day.

  9. may says:

    life is just fair bcos all of us were given that. it’s not fair in the sense that we do not have the same difficulties and storms of life. still, each one of us will have to experience them all and face them. if we will not, we got ourselves to blame. But nothing is ever too late.

  10. Shriya says:

    Awesome advice Corey! and you know it’s just soo darn true….

  11. winnie mubeezi veronica says:

    Right now, am wondering if life is even worth it…sooo freakin unfair :/ :’(

  12. akib says:

    life is really not fair….:(

  13. donna says:

    Life’s not Fair! It sucks!!

  14. lin_peterson says:

    I’ve been telling my kids this since they were tiny! Excellent advice! Thanks!

    • Scott says:

      Honest to god, if life was fair, we’d all be living happy lives, and I agree with your positivity in doing such, but the quote “Life is not fair, get used to it” has been used to keep people down for like a thousand years. Its oftly getting freaking annoying how much phycologists beat the around the bush to fully say it.

  15. rizzzz says:

    life is really not fair!!!!!!!!

  16. Nichole says:

    Loved this, very well said. :)

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